Marijuana: Solution for Domestic Violence

For a long period of time, Marijuana or Cannabis has been widely discussed for its short and long term effects not only on underage population but also for married couples. Past studies have shown that married life of those couples is at greater risk who frequently intake drugs like Heroin, Cocaine or Marijuana. However, the latest research on effects of Marijuana on married couples lead to start a new discussion as it states that regular or frequent use of Marijuana ultimately leads to less domestic violence. According to the research conducted by various universities, those married couples who smoke Marijuana are comparatively less interested or engaged in the domestic violence. The underlined research has started a whole new debate on short and long term effects of Marijuana especially for the married couples. Before discussing the positive side of Marijuana among married couples, it is important first to briefly describe why people use them.

Psychological Reasons:

Cannabis or Marijuana is taken by people for temporary pleasure or satisfaction. In scientific terms, drug can be any substance in solid, liquid or gas form which can cause various physical or psychological changes. In this regard the drugs of most concern in the society are those that remarkably influence the central nervous system in human body. These substances directly act on human brain and thus can entirely change the way a person think, feel or behaves. Such kind of drugs is known as the “Psychoactive Drugs” and Marijuana is on top of them. Not long ago, Marijuana was considered as a substance which becomes reason of increasing domestic violence among married couples.

Bliss for Married Couples:

The research conducted by Yale University, University of Buffalo and Rutgers indicates that married couples who are regular consumers of Marijuana or Cannabis are found to be less engage in issues related to domestic violence. This research not only highlights the positive effects of Marijuana with reference to the married life of couples but also compare it with other drugs. According to the findings of underlined research, couples who frequently use Marijuana in a comparison to other drugs including pot, weed, hash, hash oil, grass or alcohol faces less incidents related o domestic violence.

Minimization of Domestic Violence:

Domestic violence here refers to all the physical acts like beating, chocking, hitting and slapping which ultimately leads to divorce among the married couples. In medical terms, Marijuana plays a dynamic role in minimizing the emotions or feelings which generates aggression or violence in its users. It not only calms down their nerves but also ease them to avoid conflict. In broader terms, Marijuana lowers down the risk of domestic violence among the married couples as it directly affects their mental reactions. Regular or frequent use of Marijuana directly affects the mental reactions which eventually results in less chances of violence.

Domestic violence is among the biggest reason of divorce among couples all around the globe. Because of this reason, underlined research got wide popularity as it highlights positive side of Marijuana in minimizing chances of domestic violence among married couples. In a comparison to other drugs, smoking Marijuana has been preferred not only for relieving pain but also for easing the symptoms of various illnesses. As shown in the findings of research, more regular use of Marijuana results in less frequent Intimate Partner Violence as committed by husband’s side. It further highlights lowest level or rate of Intimate Partner Violence particularly in those couples in which both husband and wives use Marijuana. Findings of the research mainly revolve around the effects of Marijuana on the metal reactions of the participants.


In nut shell, it can be said that use of drugs can never be 100% safe but it is not justified to consider every drug harmful. Similarly the previous arguments on harmful effects of Marijuana should be revised as the latest one neglects it. In technical terms, excessive use of everything is wrong not only for physical health but also for the main functions of human brain therefore, to consider any drug like Marijuana harmful just by looking at one side cannot be justifies. In broader terms, danger of drug use largely depends on the drug and the environment in which it was used. Need of the hour is to realize the fact that there is drastic need of further research and study on positive effects of Marijuana not only on married couples but also for people related to other fields of life.