What Science Says About Marijuana’s Effects On The Brain

It is a good sign that a lot of people are already being open-minded for new ideas and new concepts that could potentially change the lives of others even through the use of unconventional methods. For instance, instead of only focusing on the conventional medicine or prescriptions given by doctors, there are rising natural alternatives that are now known to be advantageous to both recreational and medical purposes. Yes, this is about marijuana.

However, being a relatively new type of drug to study, the research made for this is not as broad and it is still open for further investigation. Regardless of such, there are very limited cases of severe adverse effects other than the redness of the eyes due to dryness as well as the dryness of the mouth. As aforementioned, the marijuana effects are beneficial for those who would want to use it either for recreational or for medical purposes.

The Effects On Mental Health

The effects of marijuana can be in the favor of physical health or mental health. Some of the advantages for the improvement of the mental health are as follows:

  • Potentially boosting the mood of the user
  • Eliminates stress
  • Helps users gain confidence (this is mostly for the Sativa types)
  • Getting more relaxed
  • May help in inducing creativity
  • Could make users get sociable and expressive

These marijuana effects may vary from person to person and the type of strain to get should be carefully considered. With that being said, it will be helpful for users to have a background knowledge about the different types of strains as well as their categories with the effects of those.


To further our knowledge about the effects of marijuana, it is essential to learn about the difference between these two components. THC is the component that exhibits the psychosis effect that results to the high or hallucinations that are felt by the users. At the same time, this is the substance responsible for the feel-good effects of the drug. On the other hand, the CBD is non-psychotic and it produces the medical benefits of the drug.

The percentages of the THC and the CBD will differ as to the type of strain you’re getting. So, when one wants to feel more of the medical benefits, it is ideal to have a higher CBD percentage. Conversely, when one wants to feel the high and cerebral activity, the THC levels are considered.