7 Killer Beauty Benefits of Cannabis

Cannabis is a plant which is normally found in the cold regions, and is formulated in order to create a number of drugs which are being used at a wide scale – in the world today. Cannabis has been connected with mankind for almost thousands of years, and it has been famous for its therapeutic and psychoactive properties. In most cultures, Cannabis has been associated as a source of addiction; and has become a negative phenomenon around the globe. However, the earliest references, such as those from the Chinese dialects show that this plant has been used as not only a drug, but as a medicinal product, and in cooking as well.

Nonetheless, something which most people are unfamiliar with is that cannabis can also be an extremely useful product, when it comes to your personal beauty. It has exceptional qualities, which work and blend together in order to enhance the beauty of your face and your hair. For those who are not well-aware about the beauty benefits of cannabis – here are 7 of the most engaging benefits you can enjoy from the usage of weed-infused personal care products.

1.  Stimulates Hair Growth:

One of the biggest benefits of cannabis or products which have processed cannabis as an ingredient infused in them is that they can promote exceptional hair growth. This is due to of the most engaging products called cannabis sativa and fatty acids – which are extremely useful in stimulating hair growth. This allows you to have the long, silky and shiny hair you had always wanted. Moreover, it can also make your hair stronger, and provide them with the density they need.

2.  Soothes Inflammation:

Regardless that you’re suffering from a skin disorder such as eczema or psoriasis, or you have a rash which has turned your skin red, cannabis oil has the antioxidant properties, which can ease the inflammation, and help reduce the pain.

3.  Properties of a Shampoo:

While most people might be unfamiliar with this, cannabis is a plant which has an abundance of Vitamin E. This not only promotes, but also increased the process of hair cell regeneration. Due to this, cannabis is being processed in order to create shampoos. Moreover, the fatty acids in cannabis also help it in becoming a strong alternative for conditioners in the marketplace.

4.  Treats Skin-Orders:

According to Dr. Alexis Granite, a Consultant Dermatologist at Cadogan Cosmetics, cannabis contains 60 different forms of cannaboids, which not only aid in treating minor skin disorders such as acne, but can also be extremely convenient against major skin infections such as eczema.

5.  Nourishes Your Scalp:

Gamma-Linolenic is an acid which is said to be miraculously good for hair and your scalp, and works well in maintaining your hair health. Cannabis contains this acid in a high amount, which provides exceptional nourishment to your scalp and can provide you with the opportunity to prevent dryness, most commonly referred to as dandruff.

6.  Strengthens Hair Strands:

As most of us avid beauty enthusiasts know that hair is built with protein, your daily protein intake needs to be high in order to keep your hair healthy. Cannabis has high dosage of protein, which helps in rebuilding and revitalizing your hair strands, and making them look healthier and thicker. Moreover, this can help you in achieving smoother cuticles and increased elasticity.

7.  Anti-Aging Components:

Another major advantage of cannabis which most people do not know of is that it is an extremely goo anti-aging product. Although smoking weed can be associated with a faster aging process, studies have proved that when cannabis is applied topically, the THC inside this plant has a number of anti-aging properties, which not only helps you in looking younger, but also protects you against harmful oxygen particles.

The Bottom Line:

Cannabis is produced in most of the cold regions in the world, and is a plant which provides people with a number of different benefits/ from cooking exotic recipes with cannabis, to using a weed-infused beauty product for a better skin or hair texture, cannabis has been processed and added as a major ingredient in most of these processes.

According to an article on Huffing Post, cannabis is being used in such products for a long period of time; however, it has been using different names ever since, for example hemp. Hence, it is a proven fact that cannabis is good for your beauty score, and weed-infused personal care products are something you need to consider the next time you go shopping.