Archaeological Discovery of 2500 Years Old Marijuana in China

With the progressing time, we are getting more cognizant of the new characteristics of marijuana. Every day, a new discovery leads us to learn more about the plant. For instance, the recent discovery of 2500 years old cannabis plant has led us to know learn about the history of its association with the mankind.

The discovery is made in Turfan city of the Xinjiang province; an oasis which hosts nothing but miles of sand and wastelands. The project was carried out under the guided supervision of Hongen Jiang. Jiang declares that the body, he and his team has found, belongs to a middle-aged man. The corpse was laid following proper burial rituals of the place; with a wooden plank at the bottom and reed pillows under his head. At the top of the corpse were placed the preserved cannabis plants.

The discovery tells that people were familiar with the amazing plant of cannabis even in the past. Though they used it differently but it has been helping us one way or the other all the time. In the discovery, the archaeologists have been able to recover more than a dozen plants placed all over the body. The radiocarbon dating of the discovery tells that it is approximately 2500 years old. It surely is an amazing discovery as it sheds light on the familiarity of the Eurasian culture with the popular plant of cannabis.

It isn’t the only incident where marijuana plants have been found using in burials. Other discoveries are also made where seeds and shredded leaves of marijuana have been found alongside the corpses. But, this for sure is the first discovery where cannabis has been used as a shroud, covering the whole of the body.

Intellectuals are claiming that almost a couple of centuries ago, Turfan was a major city along the Silk Road. This further suggests that not only natives but the people from Europe also used to be familiar with the plant and its uses. For example, the discovery of cannabis seeds in the grave of a woman in Southern Siberia promotes the idea that Europeans also used this plant in their lives.

People have been hailing this amazing discovery, all around the world. At a time when the Marijuana Legalization Referendum is due next month, this incident would help many change their mindsets over the legalization process. It is expected that now more people will vote in the favor of marijuana not only owing to its medical benefits but its familiarity with centuries old people as well.

A lot of debate is going on around in the world, particularly in the US, over the reasons why the preserved plants were being placed all over the corpse during burial. A popular hypothesis supports itself with the idea that hemp fibers have been used for cloth manufacturing over the centuries. This could be the reason why people from the past used the plant as a shroud during burials.

Regardless of the reasons for its use during burials, the discovery is extremely important and amazing on its own. Considering this unique used of cannabis, we have also listed some of the strange uses of cannabis plant, which we hope you never knew before:

  • Rope: One of the oldest and weirdest use of the cannabis has been as a hemp rope. The Moai Stone Statues in Chile have been cited to be transported from the ropes made from hemp. This is really amazing considering the fact that figures were put, where they are today, during the time between 1250 and 1500 CE.
  • Parachutes: During the Second World War, when other regular resources went short, hemp was used by the US forces for making parachutes. This thing so common that US Department of Agriculture started a program called Hemp for Victory. This program encouraged farmers to grow cannabis and help the country in the war.
  • Sails: During the 17th Century, most of the sails for ships were made from hemp. A law was enacted in 1619 which bound the sailors to use hemp sails on their ships. Apart from sails, hemp was also used to manufacture clothes during that particular period of time.

These are some of the many uses of cannabis over different periods of time. Another amazing thing which you need to know is that cannabis is currently worshiped as a deity in one of the churches in Indiana. Though the church doesn’t sell any weed but it allows you to smoke it inside.