Detoxing Marijuana – The Natural Way

Cannabis is resultant which is acquired from the cannabis plant having the name cannabis sativa. Cannabis grows in many temperate and tropical regions of the world. Cannabis can be grown almost in any kind of climate and is exceedingly harvested via indoor hydroponic technology.

Commonly there are basic three forms in which cannabis is consumed: hashish, marijuana and hash oil. Hashish is made from the gum that is secreted by the plant and is dried and pressed into small blocks and smoked or added to eatables.  Marijuana is acquired from the leaves and dried flowers of the cannabis plant and is the least intoxicating of all the cannabis products and is made into edible products like brownies or cookies or for smoking.

Hash oil is the most potent of the cannabis products and is the thick oil which is obtained from hashish. Cannabis is usually smoked in hand rolled cigarettes called joints or in particular waterpipes, bongs.

Usage of marijuana has been legalized in many states and more people are becoming aware of its medicinal benefits. But if you have had your share of marijuana and feel like quitting there is an easy and natural way of detoxification of your body.

Whenever a body stops consuming something which it has been using for long time, there are certain effects and changes that the body goes through.

In marijuana detoxification, the body faces natural processes in restoring it to its former self and the detox process is usually referred to the process that will boost the process to go quicker.

This natural process of detoxification is used without artificial ingredients or man-made detox kits.

The effects of smoking weed are not long lasting but the residues left by it in the body need to be detoxed for cleansing of the fat cells, where these residues reside in the body.

Without a thorough and complete detox plan, even after quitting, the residues can live in your bodies for 10-90 days. When you have a detox plan in place you can cleanse your body and marijuana toxins within 2-6 days.

The simple natural ingredients that are used in the detoxification process are easily affordable and bring quicker and effective results.  Excess of anything is bad and if you have smoked too much of marijuana, it can build up a lot of toxins in your fat cells.

So if you want to quit now after enjoying your high, go for this simple process of natural detoxification which you can do at home easily with quicker results.

Now why is it important to get it done faster? Because the toxins which are stored in the body over longer time of smoking pot, tends to get back into the bloodstream and that could make you feel disoriented and weird.

So in order to have a quick and easy detox, there are certain benefits too that your body will feel. Your body would pick a quicker pace and you will feel more active and energized. The detoxification of your body will make you feel and be healthy.

Getting yourself through a detoxification process will make your quitting process easy and you will not feel any cravings or pangs. And what’s more? You will even pass marijuana drug test.

Following are the four main natural remedies so that you can easily and quickly say bye to weed right out of your system. These can be grouped in 4 separate categories.

  • Vitamins:

There are various vitamins and natural supplements which will help you in detoxing marijuana especially vitamin C and vitamin B3.

  • Herbs:

Herbal teas and taking supplements which contain milk thistle, psyllium seeds or cayenne enhance the detoxification process.

  • Exercise:

THC is stored in fat cells so best way to flush it out of body is to have exercise and sweat out so that fat cells are burned.

  • Special Foods:

You need to add a lot of nutritious food to your diet to detox your body. Quitting junk food and red meat and adding greens like kale and spinach detox THC. Also eating legumes including peas, soybeans, lentils and peanuts boost the body metabolism and quicken the marijuana detox process.

Along with these tips, drink plenty of water and make your portions small which are easily spread out this helps in great ways and enhances the way your metabolism works. This will quicken the flushing process and your body is easily and healthily marijuana detoxified.

So try these simple steps and detoxify naturally!