The Different Types of Cannabis

Cannabis is mainly perceived as a psychoactive drug, which is considered to be the same as hemp. There are many different names of this drug, namely, cannabis, marijuana, etc. However, there is no chemical dependency that is associated with this drug as there is with cigarettes and other hard drugs, for instance, heroin.

On the other hand, there are many different strains of marijuana, which are mainly fitted into two categories; Sativa Cannabis, and Indica Cannabis. The breeders of this drug mostly cross strain these categories in order to change the properties of the original strain. But then again, whichever species is chosen to grow, it is a good idea for one to know about the variations of the plant and the difference between the male and female plants.

Therefore, here are the two major strains of the cannabis plant:

1. Cannabis Sativa:

Sativa is actually a very large plant indeed. It is a tall plant, which has loose branches along with narrow and long leaves. The effects of the cannabis Sativa are mostly uplifting and can make the user energetic. It is basically a processed form of the cannabis species and is administered into a low-moisture herb so that the consumption is made easier. The leaves of this plant are delicate, whereas, the seeds are quite smooth and do not consist of any marbling or flecking. The cannabis Sativa is usually grown in the outdoor premises as the height of the plant can grow up to 20 feet.

Apart from that, it is mainly appropriate for daytime use, as it initiates intellectual thoughts and stimulates the user while increasing his creativity and focus. Cannabis Sativa is also known to fight depression, which is one of the reasons why the Sativa is known as a dominant marijuana strain. Most of the artists make use of this drug in order to increase their levels of creativity while working on a piece of art. It can be smoked and vaporized for consumption. In addition to that, the cannabis Sativa is found in India, Mexico, Thailand, Nigeria, and Colombia.

2. Cannabis Indica:

Cannabis Indica is mainly known for flowering, which is why it is susceptible to more changes in the light cycle. The cannabis Indica is basically chosen traditionally to make hash mainly due to the high volume of resin in this plant. Plus, it is denser in form and has wider leaves than those of the cannabis Sativa. Since the cannabis Indica is short, it is best known to grow indoors. The Indica leaves a relaxing and calming impact on the user, and thus, it is generally used at nighttime. On the other hand, the name Indica was given to this strain of cannabis so that it is distinguished easily from the European hemp.

Furthermore, it is an effective strain to relieve the overall pain of the body and is mostly consumed by the patients in late evening or at nighttime. It relaxes the muscles, relieves contractions, cures migraines, and headaches, and thus, it is the perfect medicine for the people suffering from insomnia. The most prominent strains of the cannabis Indica are Northern Lights, White Widow, and Kush. The cannabis Indica is mostly found in Nepal, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Morocco.

The Hybrids:

Hybrids cannabis strains mean that the developers or the breeders use the combination of cannabis Sativa and the cannabis Indica in order to create a super strain that maintains the aspects of both of the strains. The effects of the hybrid depend on the dominance of either one of the plant.

In today’s time, the cannabis cultivation and breeding has gained a lot of importance. Other than that, there are a huge number of varieties available due to this hybridization. In addition to that, the hybrid strains mainly fall into three major categories; cannabis Sativa hybrids, balanced hybrids, and cannabis Indica hybrids.

  • The Sativa dominant hybrid essentially relaxes the body and allows you to unwind yourself both; physically and mentally.
  • The balanced hybrids are for the people who are looking for a well-adjusted dose of both the strains.
  • The Indica dominant hybrid relieves the body from moderate pain and allows you to sleep well.

The intense hybridization process has been in form for the past many years. The main objective of the breeders is to combine the positive aspects of both of the cannabis strains so as to create something incredible.