The Grown & The Sexy – Embark the Ultimate Denver Cannabis Tour

Ever since the Mile High City came across the news that Colorado’s law is legalizing the use of recreational marijuana, the companies have been popping at a fast pace, in order to offer the new breed of tourists flocking towards this state with one of the most over-whelming road trips ever – the Denver Cannabis Tour. The main reason behind that is that there are almost 650 dispensaries in the state, from which a tourist can choose from. From meal equipped part buses rocking the roads, to hi-end stretch limos and luxurious chauffeured Volkswagens, the Denver Marijuana tours can offer you an exceptional visit to some of the most picturesque dispensaries in the state – while allowing you to witness a number of grow facilities and the workshops which Denver can offer to its tourists!

However, with the green-wrapped tourists coming in with great enthusiasm, the firms and the tourist operators have made sure to hang the prices of these tours sky-high. A simple tour cannabis tour to Denver can cost you almost a $1000, which might not be in your budget. If you’re trying to stick to your budget, you can always plan a Denver Cannabis Tour yourself – especially to the Napa Valley of Cannabis. Here are some of the highlights you need to include in your own Denver Cannabis Tour!

Puff, Pass & Paint Art Studio:

Being the home to Denver’s first 420 all-inclusive art classes, the Puff, Pass and Paint Art Studio is owned by a local artist named Heidi Keyes. He offers a two-hour intimate smoking session, which involves cocktails, canvas and cannabis. Whether you are out for solo fun, or you’re going to a date night, this studio provides an exceptional experience to marijuana fanatics, in order to make their own masterpiece, while being under the guidance of a true artist.

Stir Cooking School:

Amidst the terrifically picturesque highlands of Denver, the Stir Cooking School is one of the best options you have when it comes to a Denver Cannabis Tour. It offers an exceptionally well-managed Stoner Bowl Cooking Class, which allows you to learn how to cook weed-infused and marijuana infused recipes, under the guidance of a professional chef. These exotic recipes can become a mouthwatering adventure for anyone overwhelmed with the idea of eating pot recipes.

Primal Wellness Day Spa & Studio:

If you’re looking for a relaxing treatment of your body whilst you’re tired of roaming around in the beautiful and scenic views of Denver – and you need a chance to feel like a princess, visiting the Primal Wellness Day Spa and Studio is one of the best places you can visit. Unlike most of the traditional spas you have visited, this exceptional spa induces cannabis products in each and every one of their treatment method. Moreover, they provide you with a chance to feel relaxed, while enjoying delicious meals to satisfy your carving for a marijuana themed resort!

Bud & Breakfast At The Adagio:

If you’re looking for a lodging place in the High Mile City, no other place can cater your enthusiastic carving for marijuana – other than Bud and Breakfast at The Adagio. Nestled mainly in the heart of Denver’s most historic neighborhoods, this fantastic eatery and lodging option is based in a Victorian style home, which can be sued in order to spend a luxurious life, while you’re enjoying your cannabis themed holiday in Denver.

Illuzion Glass Galleries:

Every year, thousands of smoking aficionados sign up with the tour companies, in order to visit Denver and set eyes upon the massive wall of pipes, which has been displayed on the Illuzion Glass Galleries. This is an exceptionally great place for people who are looking for an opportunity to learn more about Cannabis, and get their hands on a number of different6 collectibles they can take back with them!

The Bottom Line:

Denver Cannabis Tours is one of the best options you have in order to make sure you satisfy your craving to see how this exceptional plant is cultivated and where it can be grown the best way possible.

For people who are avid and enthusiastic marijuana consumers, regardless they take it raw or as a wed-infused recipe, they will certainly love to go on a tour like this. Hence, if you fall in any of these two categories, make sure to plan your ultimate Denver Marijuana Tour and embark on a journey of a lifetime!