Marijuana and Yoga: What this combination has in stores for us?

The use of marijuana while doing yoga is a surreal combination. This is because the ones who don’t support the idea find it be bizarre while the ones who have adopted it find it to be amazing in producing results. This is why people of both ends are totally jaw-dropped with this dynamic duo. We believe that cannabis is extremely valuable to your health and when combined with other healthy activities, it could lead to ends which are beyond satisfactory.

The main reason why people do yoga is that it helps them relax, stay fit and removes all the pains from the body. Well, not a huge surprise, cannabis does the same. And when both these activities are merged together, your pains can disappear in no more than seconds. Smoking cannabis while doing yoga helps you feel relaxed and focused. Consequently, the results which you get from the yoga are much elevated than they would have been otherwise.

Here, we have come with some of the things which you can enjoy by combining the yoga practices with use of marijuana:

  • Relaxation: The first thing which follows yoga and marijuana is relaxation. When combined together, you can get rid of all of your tensions. This is because both yoga and marijuana have relaxing effects on your brain.
  • Spiritual Peace: Apart from relaxation, you can enjoy spiritual peace as a result of this combination. When relaxation and spiritual peace combine together, you’re able to explore your inner-self which is essential for your growth as a human being.
  • Focus: Thirdly, the combination helps you stay focused. You can reach your goals if you’re taking this combination as a source of inspiration and positivity. Remember that an excess of everything is bad, so you need to cater for the limits while using marijuana with yoga.
  • Active Brain: Yoga and marijuana improve your brain activity, allowing you to think creatively. If you aren’t able to focus on something then this practice is what you need.
  • Good Mood: Lastly, the beautiful combination of yoga and marijuana gives you a good mood. You feel happy and content with everything once you have this pair.

These are some of the many benefits which you can enjoy by introducing the dynamic duo of yoga and cannabis in your lifestyle. People who have adopted such lifestyles have been found to be performing much better in their lives than they used to do before.

Yoga and Herb from the Blurb

The combination of yoga and herbs isn’t a new one. Detailed exploration of the Hindu Literature, Sanskrit, tells that cannabis was always a part of the ancient yoga traditions. It also sheds some light on the infuriate benefits which this combination has on offer.

The book declares that there are five ways to increase your consciousness. Among the five, two are yoga and use of herbs. Though there aren’t any specific mentions of cannabis, but owing to the therapeutic nature of the plant, many consider it to be one of the herbs mentioned in the book.

There are many diseases which can be cured by adopting the combination of yoga and cannabis. Here, we have briefly discussed some of them:

  • Insomnia: The inability to sleep at night is one of the biggest problems faced by mankind. The combination helps you fight insomnia. By doing yoga and smoking weed, you can improve your sleeping patterns and thus live a happy life.
  • Depression: Most of us face depression either due to pressure in office, burden of work at school, or troubled personal life. The combination helps you fight depression and relieve all the tensions.
  • Arthritis: Cannabis has amazing therapeutic properties. It helps you get rid of joint pains and increases the activity efficiency of your body.
  • Scoliosis: The combination of cannabis and yoga can help the ones with a crooked backbone. With a bit of hard work and regularity, you can infer a lot of progress in your back issues.

Apart from these, there are a lot of other diseases which can be cured up to a greater extent with the help of yoga and cannabis.


The conclusion to all the above discussion is simple and a straightforward one. Both yoga and marijuana have amazing benefits on their own. When combined together, these can produce results which are extraordinary. So, you should consider smoking cannabis while doing yoga. It will help you stay happy, get rid of depression, and will improve the productivity of your brain.