Mixing Weed and Tobacco: What are the Benefits?

Unlike the era of the 1950s and 60s, tobacco consumption has reduced to a greater extent in the present times. However, the number people who consume it are still very large with the majority of them being young. Owing to the hazardous effects of tobacco on your health, mixing it with weed could be a good alternative. This is because the amount of tobacco you’re consuming on a daily basis will reduce and your chain smoking habit will also fade away.

In this guide, we have briefly discussed the benefits of mixing weed with tobacco. But first, let us explain the process of fixing both these ingredients together, called ‘Spliffing’.


The simplest possible definition of the process states that it is the production of a cannabis cigarette. In the process, you open up a cigarette and mix weed with the tobacco and then pack it again into the cigarette roll. This way, the quantity of tobacco is reduced from your spliff, while its taste increases.

The process of spliffing is very useful for the chain smokers of tobacco as it can help you reduce the amount of tobacco you’re consuming on a daily basis.

Here, we listed some of the many benefits which follow the process:

Mellow high

Smoking a spliff has benefits of its own. It reduces the negatives of both tobacco and marijuana and gives you a blend which imparts intermediate effects on your body. For instance, you don’t get proper high after smoking a spliff, like you are used to doing with pure cannabis joint.

A spliff causes a condition of mellow-high where you feel pleasant and relaxed, ultimately becoming happy and rejoiced. However, the extent of the fog surrounding your brain isn’t much high which means you enjoy a total control over your senses during the process.

Increased THC

The combined effect of tobacco and marijuana results in the elevated amount of THC inside your body as a result of which high levels of dopamine is produced. A study shows that spliffs have the tendencies to produce more THC compared to the weed alone.

So, when you smoke a spliff you can expect increased amount of dopamine in your body. It will ultimately help you diseases like Parkinson’s, Scoliosis, and other similar ones. Therefore, combining both the tobacco and weed is a very good option.

Reduced amount of tobacco

As we have already discussed that you need to take an optimum amount of tobacco out of your cigarette to make a spliff to introduced weed. As a result, the amount of tobacco reduces up to significant levels. Smoking tobacco alone can lead you to Lung and Throat Cancer, Asthma, and other pulmonary diseases.

Apart from reduced amount of tobacco, the anti-cancer properties of cannabis also come into play when you smoke a spliff. The cancerous effects of tobacco are countered by the anti-cancerous effects of weed, as a result, your chances of getting sick owing to tobacco reduce drastically.

Add additional filters

Filters are an integral entity of a cigarette. These are responsible for the removal of an excess of tar, toxins, and other carcinogenic materials. However, in a weed joint or even in a spliff, people don’t bother using filters. This leads to increased amounts of carcinogenic materials which you inhale.

The best practice involves using filters even when creating a spliff. When you open a cigarette to mix weed and tobacco then you should keep the filter coming out of the packing, and then pack it later when closing the joint. This way, you can reduce the amount of toxins going into your lungs.

No chain smoking

Of the many benefits which follow a spliff, one is that your chain smoking habits are gone. Most of the people who smoke cigarettes are chain smokers, but this isn’t the case with weed smokers. Weed is hard which is why it’s very difficult to develop a chain-smoking habit with it. You can smoke more than a couple of joints in a single go which is why your chain smoking habit is gone once your start life with spliffs.

Spliffs are highly enjoyable but this doesn’t mean they are beneficial for your health. Consumption of tobacco is always bad. However, chain smokers can adopt this habit and reduce their daily consumption of tobacco. Weed, on the other hand, has amazing characteristics beneficial for your health. So, you should avoid smoking a cigarette and convert to smoking joints for the good of your life.