Richard Branson Urges People to Fight for Cannabis Legalisation

The debate over making cannabis legal has been going on for a while now.  While some states of the USA and several countries across the globe have legalised cannabis for either medicinal or recreational purposes, there is still a fair amount of apprehension among civilians and government authorities.

Richard Branson, who is famous for his Virgin Group success, has recently advocated the legalisation of cannabis at the New West Summit. The conference was called “The Future of Cannabis, Now” and it was held in downtown San Francisco.

Branson was not personally present at the conference but made his views known through a Skype video call. There were about a 1000 people present and Branson was pretty open about what he thought on this matter. He told that he has been serving on the Global Commission on Drug Policy for five years and he was working in partnership with the United Nations General Secretary, Kofi Annan and 15 former leaders of the world.

He is of the opinion that the major problem the world is facing when it comes to drugs is that there are no proper regulations and things are left for the underworld to supply drugs. Branson admitted that the commission was able to gain some successes but had to face some major failures as well. He says that the commission will keep working until the governments start seeing their point.

Why are People Fighting For Legalisation?

One can’t deny the facts that weed has become a big industry. There are four states of the USA that allow recreational use of cannabis namely Alaska, Oregon, Colorado and Washington. On the other hand, 25 states allow medical use of cannabis. Given how many people including celebrities and influential people like Branson are supporting the legalisation, this figure of is set to increase. It is also important to note that America is on the crucial point of elections and people are going to vote for marijuana reform.

How Big is the Weed Industry?

The weed industry of America is worth $7.2 billion and grows about 29% each year. It is predicted that the industry will grow to become worth $20.5 billion by 2020. Now, that is a figure which can’t be ignored. These figures also show that the weed industry has become one of the fastest growing industries in the USA.

How are Things Changing?

Data shows that about 8% of the cannabis users are above 40 years old. 48% users lie between the age of 18 and 25 years. another 28% fall between the ages of 25 and 32 years. These figures were found after Eaze, a company whose CEO is Keith McCarty. These are the people who are using cannabis for medical purposes.

McCarty believes that the country is at an inflection point. He says that stigma surrounding cannabis use is reducing greatly which means that businesses seem to feel no shame when supporting it. it is obvious that businesses see the opportunities available in this industry.

Branson’s Further Thoughts

Branson is a very famous entrepreneur. He is considered to be an influential person who made his success through the Virgin Group. Besides that, Branson has stakes in about 20 tech companies across the globe which includes the famous online petition website Branson says that he was not working for the global commission; he would invest his money in legalised cannabis.

As mentioned earlier, many businesses see the number of opportunities in the weed industry. Branson is of the same opinion. He believes that the industry has a lot of potential and is highly capable of doing a lot of good.

Branson is not the first of many famous people around the world to support and fight for the legalisation of cannabis. However, apprehension about is use still remains among people. It is an opinion to consider; it is very clear that the underworld becomes clearly responsible for the drug supply when the right authorities don’t come with proper regulations. Cannabis is a hope for many people who use it for medicinal purposes but these people can’t do it without facing the stigma. If the relevant authorities take relevant action, then it can become easier to obtain medical cannabis.

The internet is full of debate over this matter. It is quite a bone of contention. There are people who support it because they simply like it. There are people who support it because it has actual health benefits. There is no lack of information on how useful cannabis can be on the internet. we wait to see what reforms are brought and if there is any hope for the supporters.