Tips to Grow Cannabis Plant in your Backyard

What’s better than growing plants in your own backyard? Greenery is a source of life and makes you happy. This happiness of yours will increase many folds when the green plants you’re growing are of cannabis. Several states inside the US allow recreational use of marijuana. Not only that, you can grow up to a certain number of cannabis plants at your place as well.

The process of growing a cannabis in your backyard needs you to be on your toes, most of the time. You have to take a good care of it during the process. Just throwing the seeds and letting nature do its magic isn’t enough.

Here, we have briefly discussed some of the tips with which you can grow a healthy and strong cannabis plant in your backyard:

Finding the Right Location

Location of the plant is the most important thing when it comes to growing one. This is because your weed plant will need regular exposure to sunlight to grow. Secondly, you need to camouflage your plant along with other growing ones in your backyard so that weed lovers around your house don’t get benefit from it while you’re asleep.

To do this, you will need to observe your backyard for a couple of days before starting the process. Observe the movement of sunlight during the day and then choose the spot where light stays for most time of the day. This will need some effort but let us assure you something, the effort will be totally worth it.

Buying the Seed/Clone

Once you have decided on the location, the next thing you need to do is buy cannabis seeds or cannabis clone of an already grown plant. Growing seeds have their own drawbacks as you don’t know whether the erupting plant will grow into a male or a female. However, with clones, you can easily get a cut off the mother female plant and grow it in your backyard, knowing that it will grow into a female one.

Before buying the clone, you should study about the different types available in the market. Learn about their properties and select one which goes best with your likings. Each clone has a unique THC value which you should know.

Preparing the Ground and Planting the Clone

After getting your clone, prepare the ground and plant it. The first thing you need to do is dig a hole in the ground. Then put some stones at the bottom of the hole. This is done so that water can easily go into the ground and your plant doesn’t get damaged. Afterward, put some potting soil on the stones and then plant your clone. Tamp the soil around the plant and sprinkle some water so that it can catch its place.

You will need to take great care of it during the first few days, after planting. This is because the plant will take some time to get a grip in the soil. Moreover, you need to protect it from the intense sun rays as well by arranging some shade.

Feeding the Plant

The last thing you need to do is feed the plant on a daily basis. Apply organic fertilizers on a daily basis and water it twice a day. Cannabis plants are registered to grow at very fast paces, and yours will too. However, you will need to get rid of unwanted plants and shrubs growing near it. This is because your plant won’t get the necessary nutrients if there are other plants near it.

Overdosing the fertilizers and giving an excess of water will burn your plants. What you need to do is maintain a balanced amount of food for a young plant. Stop giving fertilizers almost three weeks before harvesting so that you get to enjoy clean marijuana.

This is the simplest procedure with which you can grow a cannabis plant in your backyard. One thing worth remembering here is that not all the states allow you to grow or smoke marijuana. So, you should definitely observe your states laws and not grow if it isn’t allowed. Otherwise, serious penalties could be levied against you, with some serious ones involving prison time.

With Marijuana Legalization Referendum due ahead, we believe that more states will legalize the recreational use of cannabis. As a result, we will get to see more people getting benefitted from this amazingly therapeutic plant. Till then, stay safe and respect the law.

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