Detoxing Marijuana – The Natural Way

Cannabis is resultant which is acquired from the cannabis plant having the name cannabis sativa. Cannabis grows in many temperate and tropical regions of the world. Cannabis can be grown almost in any kind of climate and is exceedingly harvested via indoor hydroponic technology.

Commonly there are basic three forms in which cannabis is consumed: hashish, marijuana and hash oil. Hashish is made from the gum that is secreted by the plant and is dried and pressed into small blocks and smoked or added to eatables.  Marijuana is acquired from the leaves and dried flowers of the cannabis plant and is the least intoxicating of all the cannabis products and is made into edible products like brownies or cookies or for smoking.

Hash oil is the most potent of the cannabis products and is the thick oil which is obtained from hashish. Cannabis is usually smoked in hand rolled cigarettes called joints or in particular waterpipes, bongs.

Usage of marijuana has been legalized in many states and more people are becoming aware of its medicinal benefits. But if you have had your share of marijuana and feel like quitting there is an easy and natural way of detoxification of your body.

Whenever a body stops consuming something which it has been using for long time, there are certain effects and changes that the body goes through.

In marijuana detoxification, the body faces natural processes in restoring it to its former self and the detox process is usually referred to the process that will boost the process to go quicker.

This natural process of detoxification is used without artificial ingredients or man-made detox kits.

The effects of smoking weed are not long lasting but the residues left by it in the body need to be detoxed for cleansing of the fat cells, where these residues reside in the body.

Without a thorough and complete detox plan, even after quitting, the residues can live in your bodies for 10-90 days. When you have a detox plan in place you can cleanse your body and marijuana toxins within 2-6 days.

The simple natural ingredients that are used in the detoxification process are easily affordable and bring quicker and effective results.  Excess of anything is bad and if you have smoked too much of marijuana, it can build up a lot of toxins in your fat cells.

So if you want to quit now after enjoying your high, go for this simple process of natural detoxification which you can do at home easily with quicker results.

Now why is it important to get it done faster? Because the toxins which are stored in the body over longer time of smoking pot, tends to get back into the bloodstream and that could make you feel disoriented and weird.

So in order to have a quick and easy detox, there are certain benefits too that your body will feel. Your body would pick a quicker pace and you will feel more active and energized. The detoxification of your body will make you feel and be healthy.

Getting yourself through a detoxification process will make your quitting process easy and you will not feel any cravings or pangs. And what’s more? You will even pass marijuana drug test.

Following are the four main natural remedies so that you can easily and quickly say bye to weed right out of your system. These can be grouped in 4 separate categories.

  • Vitamins:

There are various vitamins and natural supplements which will help you in detoxing marijuana especially vitamin C and vitamin B3.

  • Herbs:

Herbal teas and taking supplements which contain milk thistle, psyllium seeds or cayenne enhance the detoxification process.

  • Exercise:

THC is stored in fat cells so best way to flush it out of body is to have exercise and sweat out so that fat cells are burned.

  • Special Foods:

You need to add a lot of nutritious food to your diet to detox your body. Quitting junk food and red meat and adding greens like kale and spinach detox THC. Also eating legumes including peas, soybeans, lentils and peanuts boost the body metabolism and quicken the marijuana detox process.

Along with these tips, drink plenty of water and make your portions small which are easily spread out this helps in great ways and enhances the way your metabolism works. This will quicken the flushing process and your body is easily and healthily marijuana detoxified.

So try these simple steps and detoxify naturally!


The Evolution of Cannabis

Cannabis happens to be the earliest of crops which was cultivated by mankind and there is plenty of information available on usage of cannabis by different cultures and people throughout the history. Archeological findings and the historical documents reveal how and when cannabis spread in particular areas of the world.

The most common form of cannabis, marijuana has been consumed for attaining euphoria since ancient time described in the Chinese medical history from 2737 B.C and it spread from China to India and then to North Africa and eventually got to Europe around the early times of A.D 500.

The writings of the Chinese emperor Shen Nung were the first direct reference to the cannabis plant as a psychoactive agent dating far back as 2737 BC. Its medicinal properties were given more importance and the writings focused on its powers to treat gout, malaria, rheumatism and weirdly, absent-mindedness. Its intoxicating qualities were mentioned as well.

Islam prohibits the use of alcohol. Muslims introduced hashish which spread rapidly in the 12th century in North Africa and Persia (Iran). The sacred Hindu texts, Atharva Veda also mentions the use of Cannabis. It is quite well documented and seems to have been compiled 2000-1400 years BCE. The ancient Yamnaya culture now the Northern Europe made use of cannabis as a rope and for its intoxicating properties as early in the third millennia BCE.

Evidence also suggests that hemp was used by the Egyptians in ancient times as early as 1550 BCE and it was introduced much later in the rest of Africa. New World had no knowledge of it until the colonists introduced it.

Early expansion of the two distinct varieties of cannabis the THC hemp type and the drug variety in the eastern and southern Asia advocates that it first originated somewhere in Central Asia and then spread from there.

Spanish brought marijuana to the New World in 1545. It was proposed as a major cash crop along with tobacco as well as a fiber source by the English in Jamestown in the year 1611.

The hemp had replaced cotton as a major crop by the 1890s in the southern states. By the 1890s, marijuana finally began to catch on and according to some historians that was due to Prohibition.

Jazz musicians and people associated with the profession of show business were even restricted from it consumption for recreational uses as reefer songs had become the rage of the jazz music scene. Tea pads, special clubs for marijuana, sprung up in all major cities.  As marijuana was not illegal, these establishments were tolerated by the authorities and no nuisance was made about its consumption and distribution. It was not known to be a social threat.

The United States Pharmacoeia listed marijuana from 1850 to 1942 and was suggested for different conditions like nausea, labor pain and rheumatism. It was used commonly as an intoxicant during the 1850s till 1930s.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Narcotics now known as the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs conducted a campaign in the 1930s trying to depict marijuana as a potent addictive substance which could lead to narcotics addiction. It is still thought of as a gateway drug by some authorities. It was the accessory of the worn out generation in the 50s and of the college students or hippies in the 60s which became an icon of rebellion against authority.

The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 along with LSD and heroine, classified marijuana as a schedule drug i.e. which has a high abuse potential and no accepted medical use.

Mexico was the major supplier of marijuana back then but in the Mexican government agreed to eliminate the crop and sprayed it with herbicide paraquat which raised fears of toxic side effects.

After Mexico, Columbia took place as the main supplier. Reagon and Bush administration’s zero tolerance climate brought about compulsory sentences and strict laws for possession of marijuana and increased supervision against smuggling at the borders.

War on drugs brought about a shift from being dependent on imported supplies to domestic cultivation especially in California and Hawaii. In the initial months of 1982, extra attention was given to the marijuana farms in the United States by the Drug Enforcement Administration. This resulted in a shift to indoor plant growing specially developed for high yield and a small size. When the usage decreased after a decade or so, marijuana consumption took a rise in the early 90s especially by the teenagers.


The Grown & The Sexy – Embark the Ultimate Denver Cannabis Tour

Ever since the Mile High City came across the news that Colorado’s law is legalizing the use of recreational marijuana, the companies have been popping at a fast pace, in order to offer the new breed of tourists flocking towards this state with one of the most over-whelming road trips ever – the Denver Cannabis Tour. The main reason behind that is that there are almost 650 dispensaries in the state, from which a tourist can choose from. From meal equipped part buses rocking the roads, to hi-end stretch limos and luxurious chauffeured Volkswagens, the Denver Marijuana tours can offer you an exceptional visit to some of the most picturesque dispensaries in the state – while allowing you to witness a number of grow facilities and the workshops which Denver can offer to its tourists!

However, with the green-wrapped tourists coming in with great enthusiasm, the firms and the tourist operators have made sure to hang the prices of these tours sky-high. A simple tour cannabis tour to Denver can cost you almost a $1000, which might not be in your budget. If you’re trying to stick to your budget, you can always plan a Denver Cannabis Tour yourself – especially to the Napa Valley of Cannabis. Here are some of the highlights you need to include in your own Denver Cannabis Tour!

Puff, Pass & Paint Art Studio:

Being the home to Denver’s first 420 all-inclusive art classes, the Puff, Pass and Paint Art Studio is owned by a local artist named Heidi Keyes. He offers a two-hour intimate smoking session, which involves cocktails, canvas and cannabis. Whether you are out for solo fun, or you’re going to a date night, this studio provides an exceptional experience to marijuana fanatics, in order to make their own masterpiece, while being under the guidance of a true artist.

Stir Cooking School:

Amidst the terrifically picturesque highlands of Denver, the Stir Cooking School is one of the best options you have when it comes to a Denver Cannabis Tour. It offers an exceptionally well-managed Stoner Bowl Cooking Class, which allows you to learn how to cook weed-infused and marijuana infused recipes, under the guidance of a professional chef. These exotic recipes can become a mouthwatering adventure for anyone overwhelmed with the idea of eating pot recipes.

Primal Wellness Day Spa & Studio:

If you’re looking for a relaxing treatment of your body whilst you’re tired of roaming around in the beautiful and scenic views of Denver – and you need a chance to feel like a princess, visiting the Primal Wellness Day Spa and Studio is one of the best places you can visit. Unlike most of the traditional spas you have visited, this exceptional spa induces cannabis products in each and every one of their treatment method. Moreover, they provide you with a chance to feel relaxed, while enjoying delicious meals to satisfy your carving for a marijuana themed resort!

Bud & Breakfast At The Adagio:

If you’re looking for a lodging place in the High Mile City, no other place can cater your enthusiastic carving for marijuana – other than Bud and Breakfast at The Adagio. Nestled mainly in the heart of Denver’s most historic neighborhoods, this fantastic eatery and lodging option is based in a Victorian style home, which can be sued in order to spend a luxurious life, while you’re enjoying your cannabis themed holiday in Denver.

Illuzion Glass Galleries:

Every year, thousands of smoking aficionados sign up with the tour companies, in order to visit Denver and set eyes upon the massive wall of pipes, which has been displayed on the Illuzion Glass Galleries. This is an exceptionally great place for people who are looking for an opportunity to learn more about Cannabis, and get their hands on a number of different6 collectibles they can take back with them!

The Bottom Line:

Denver Cannabis Tours is one of the best options you have in order to make sure you satisfy your craving to see how this exceptional plant is cultivated and where it can be grown the best way possible.

For people who are avid and enthusiastic marijuana consumers, regardless they take it raw or as a wed-infused recipe, they will certainly love to go on a tour like this. Hence, if you fall in any of these two categories, make sure to plan your ultimate Denver Marijuana Tour and embark on a journey of a lifetime!


Tips to Grow Cannabis Plant in your Backyard

What’s better than growing plants in your own backyard? Greenery is a source of life and makes you happy. This happiness of yours will increase many folds when the green plants you’re growing are of cannabis. Several states inside the US allow recreational use of marijuana. Not only that, you can grow up to a certain number of cannabis plants at your place as well.

The process of growing a cannabis in your backyard needs you to be on your toes, most of the time. You have to take a good care of it during the process. Just throwing the seeds and letting nature do its magic isn’t enough.

Here, we have briefly discussed some of the tips with which you can grow a healthy and strong cannabis plant in your backyard:

Finding the Right Location

Location of the plant is the most important thing when it comes to growing one. This is because your weed plant will need regular exposure to sunlight to grow. Secondly, you need to camouflage your plant along with other growing ones in your backyard so that weed lovers around your house don’t get benefit from it while you’re asleep.

To do this, you will need to observe your backyard for a couple of days before starting the process. Observe the movement of sunlight during the day and then choose the spot where light stays for most time of the day. This will need some effort but let us assure you something, the effort will be totally worth it.

Buying the Seed/Clone

Once you have decided on the location, the next thing you need to do is buy cannabis seeds or cannabis clone of an already grown plant. Growing seeds have their own drawbacks as you don’t know whether the erupting plant will grow into a male or a female. However, with clones, you can easily get a cut off the mother female plant and grow it in your backyard, knowing that it will grow into a female one.

Before buying the clone, you should study about the different types available in the market. Learn about their properties and select one which goes best with your likings. Each clone has a unique THC value which you should know.

Preparing the Ground and Planting the Clone

After getting your clone, prepare the ground and plant it. The first thing you need to do is dig a hole in the ground. Then put some stones at the bottom of the hole. This is done so that water can easily go into the ground and your plant doesn’t get damaged. Afterward, put some potting soil on the stones and then plant your clone. Tamp the soil around the plant and sprinkle some water so that it can catch its place.

You will need to take great care of it during the first few days, after planting. This is because the plant will take some time to get a grip in the soil. Moreover, you need to protect it from the intense sun rays as well by arranging some shade.

Feeding the Plant

The last thing you need to do is feed the plant on a daily basis. Apply organic fertilizers on a daily basis and water it twice a day. Cannabis plants are registered to grow at very fast paces, and yours will too. However, you will need to get rid of unwanted plants and shrubs growing near it. This is because your plant won’t get the necessary nutrients if there are other plants near it.

Overdosing the fertilizers and giving an excess of water will burn your plants. What you need to do is maintain a balanced amount of food for a young plant. Stop giving fertilizers almost three weeks before harvesting so that you get to enjoy clean marijuana.

This is the simplest procedure with which you can grow a cannabis plant in your backyard. One thing worth remembering here is that not all the states allow you to grow or smoke marijuana. So, you should definitely observe your states laws and not grow if it isn’t allowed. Otherwise, serious penalties could be levied against you, with some serious ones involving prison time.

With Marijuana Legalization Referendum due ahead, we believe that more states will legalize the recreational use of cannabis. As a result, we will get to see more people getting benefitted from this amazingly therapeutic plant. Till then, stay safe and respect the law.

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Mixing Weed and Tobacco: What are the Benefits?

Unlike the era of the 1950s and 60s, tobacco consumption has reduced to a greater extent in the present times. However, the number people who consume it are still very large with the majority of them being young. Owing to the hazardous effects of tobacco on your health, mixing it with weed could be a good alternative. This is because the amount of tobacco you’re consuming on a daily basis will reduce and your chain smoking habit will also fade away.

In this guide, we have briefly discussed the benefits of mixing weed with tobacco. But first, let us explain the process of fixing both these ingredients together, called ‘Spliffing’.


The simplest possible definition of the process states that it is the production of a cannabis cigarette. In the process, you open up a cigarette and mix weed with the tobacco and then pack it again into the cigarette roll. This way, the quantity of tobacco is reduced from your spliff, while its taste increases.

The process of spliffing is very useful for the chain smokers of tobacco as it can help you reduce the amount of tobacco you’re consuming on a daily basis.

Here, we listed some of the many benefits which follow the process:

Mellow high

Smoking a spliff has benefits of its own. It reduces the negatives of both tobacco and marijuana and gives you a blend which imparts intermediate effects on your body. For instance, you don’t get proper high after smoking a spliff, like you are used to doing with pure cannabis joint.

A spliff causes a condition of mellow-high where you feel pleasant and relaxed, ultimately becoming happy and rejoiced. However, the extent of the fog surrounding your brain isn’t much high which means you enjoy a total control over your senses during the process.

Increased THC

The combined effect of tobacco and marijuana results in the elevated amount of THC inside your body as a result of which high levels of dopamine is produced. A study shows that spliffs have the tendencies to produce more THC compared to the weed alone.

So, when you smoke a spliff you can expect increased amount of dopamine in your body. It will ultimately help you diseases like Parkinson’s, Scoliosis, and other similar ones. Therefore, combining both the tobacco and weed is a very good option.

Reduced amount of tobacco

As we have already discussed that you need to take an optimum amount of tobacco out of your cigarette to make a spliff to introduced weed. As a result, the amount of tobacco reduces up to significant levels. Smoking tobacco alone can lead you to Lung and Throat Cancer, Asthma, and other pulmonary diseases.

Apart from reduced amount of tobacco, the anti-cancer properties of cannabis also come into play when you smoke a spliff. The cancerous effects of tobacco are countered by the anti-cancerous effects of weed, as a result, your chances of getting sick owing to tobacco reduce drastically.

Add additional filters

Filters are an integral entity of a cigarette. These are responsible for the removal of an excess of tar, toxins, and other carcinogenic materials. However, in a weed joint or even in a spliff, people don’t bother using filters. This leads to increased amounts of carcinogenic materials which you inhale.

The best practice involves using filters even when creating a spliff. When you open a cigarette to mix weed and tobacco then you should keep the filter coming out of the packing, and then pack it later when closing the joint. This way, you can reduce the amount of toxins going into your lungs.

No chain smoking

Of the many benefits which follow a spliff, one is that your chain smoking habits are gone. Most of the people who smoke cigarettes are chain smokers, but this isn’t the case with weed smokers. Weed is hard which is why it’s very difficult to develop a chain-smoking habit with it. You can smoke more than a couple of joints in a single go which is why your chain smoking habit is gone once your start life with spliffs.

Spliffs are highly enjoyable but this doesn’t mean they are beneficial for your health. Consumption of tobacco is always bad. However, chain smokers can adopt this habit and reduce their daily consumption of tobacco. Weed, on the other hand, has amazing characteristics beneficial for your health. So, you should avoid smoking a cigarette and convert to smoking joints for the good of your life.



The Status Of Cannabis Legislation In America

The spread of cannabis legalization, and the discussion of whether or not it should be completely legalized, continue at a rapid rate across the United States. Cannabis legalization has built up steam in state legislatures and on state ballots, not only for medical use but also for recreational use, personal growing and the full decriminalization of cannabis.

Since 2012, starting with Colorado, seven US states (and the District of Columbia) have legalized the recreational use of cannabis, both for purchase and cultivation. In Massachusetts, for example, individuals are allowed to grow up to six marijuana plants.

Complications With Cannabis Legislation

Individuals and organizations supporting legalization are naturally interested in the creation of a safe and legal marketplace for cannabis use. This market would allow individuals to purchase or cultivate cannabis from protected sources, providing business opportunities for individuals as well as state tax revenue. The whole picture, however, is complicated by the fact that cannabis is still illegal at the federal level. This leaves many cannabis-based businesses unable to bank with traditional financial institutions due to federal laws which continue to view cannabis as a criminal activity.

While cannabis legislation continues to be enacted at the state level, proponents face major obstacles because of that federal law. Proponents looking to continue the expansion of cannabis legislation into states that do not currently have laws decriminalizing or even legalizing cannabis must look forward to a legislative battle at the federal level. With the current U.S. Attorney General adamantly (and irrationally) opposed to all forms of marijuana use, that final battle does not appear to be in the cards anytime soon.


What Science Says About Marijuana’s Effects On The Brain

It is a good sign that a lot of people are already being open-minded for new ideas and new concepts that could potentially change the lives of others even through the use of unconventional methods. For instance, instead of only focusing on the conventional medicine or prescriptions given by doctors, there are rising natural alternatives that are now known to be advantageous to both recreational and medical purposes. Yes, this is about marijuana.

However, being a relatively new type of drug to study, the research made for this is not as broad and it is still open for further investigation. Regardless of such, there are very limited cases of severe adverse effects other than the redness of the eyes due to dryness as well as the dryness of the mouth. As aforementioned, the marijuana effects are beneficial for those who would want to use it either for recreational or for medical purposes.

The Effects On Mental Health

The effects of marijuana can be in the favor of physical health or mental health. Some of the advantages for the improvement of the mental health are as follows:

  • Potentially boosting the mood of the user
  • Eliminates stress
  • Helps users gain confidence (this is mostly for the Sativa types)
  • Getting more relaxed
  • May help in inducing creativity
  • Could make users get sociable and expressive

These marijuana effects may vary from person to person and the type of strain to get should be carefully considered. With that being said, it will be helpful for users to have a background knowledge about the different types of strains as well as their categories with the effects of those.


To further our knowledge about the effects of marijuana, it is essential to learn about the difference between these two components. THC is the component that exhibits the psychosis effect that results to the high or hallucinations that are felt by the users. At the same time, this is the substance responsible for the feel-good effects of the drug. On the other hand, the CBD is non-psychotic and it produces the medical benefits of the drug.

The percentages of the THC and the CBD will differ as to the type of strain you’re getting. So, when one wants to feel more of the medical benefits, it is ideal to have a higher CBD percentage. Conversely, when one wants to feel the high and cerebral activity, the THC levels are considered.


Marijuana: Solution for Domestic Violence

For a long period of time, Marijuana or Cannabis has been widely discussed for its short and long term effects not only on underage population but also for married couples. Past studies have shown that married life of those couples is at greater risk who frequently intake drugs like Heroin, Cocaine or Marijuana. However, the latest research on effects of Marijuana on married couples lead to start a new discussion as it states that regular or frequent use of Marijuana ultimately leads to less domestic violence. According to the research conducted by various universities, those married couples who smoke Marijuana are comparatively less interested or engaged in the domestic violence. The underlined research has started a whole new debate on short and long term effects of Marijuana especially for the married couples. Before discussing the positive side of Marijuana among married couples, it is important first to briefly describe why people use them.

Psychological Reasons:

Cannabis or Marijuana is taken by people for temporary pleasure or satisfaction. In scientific terms, drug can be any substance in solid, liquid or gas form which can cause various physical or psychological changes. In this regard the drugs of most concern in the society are those that remarkably influence the central nervous system in human body. These substances directly act on human brain and thus can entirely change the way a person think, feel or behaves. Such kind of drugs is known as the “Psychoactive Drugs” and Marijuana is on top of them. Not long ago, Marijuana was considered as a substance which becomes reason of increasing domestic violence among married couples.

Bliss for Married Couples:

The research conducted by Yale University, University of Buffalo and Rutgers indicates that married couples who are regular consumers of Marijuana or Cannabis are found to be less engage in issues related to domestic violence. This research not only highlights the positive effects of Marijuana with reference to the married life of couples but also compare it with other drugs. According to the findings of underlined research, couples who frequently use Marijuana in a comparison to other drugs including pot, weed, hash, hash oil, grass or alcohol faces less incidents related o domestic violence.

Minimization of Domestic Violence:

Domestic violence here refers to all the physical acts like beating, chocking, hitting and slapping which ultimately leads to divorce among the married couples. In medical terms, Marijuana plays a dynamic role in minimizing the emotions or feelings which generates aggression or violence in its users. It not only calms down their nerves but also ease them to avoid conflict. In broader terms, Marijuana lowers down the risk of domestic violence among the married couples as it directly affects their mental reactions. Regular or frequent use of Marijuana directly affects the mental reactions which eventually results in less chances of violence.

Domestic violence is among the biggest reason of divorce among couples all around the globe. Because of this reason, underlined research got wide popularity as it highlights positive side of Marijuana in minimizing chances of domestic violence among married couples. In a comparison to other drugs, smoking Marijuana has been preferred not only for relieving pain but also for easing the symptoms of various illnesses. As shown in the findings of research, more regular use of Marijuana results in less frequent Intimate Partner Violence as committed by husband’s side. It further highlights lowest level or rate of Intimate Partner Violence particularly in those couples in which both husband and wives use Marijuana. Findings of the research mainly revolve around the effects of Marijuana on the metal reactions of the participants.


In nut shell, it can be said that use of drugs can never be 100% safe but it is not justified to consider every drug harmful. Similarly the previous arguments on harmful effects of Marijuana should be revised as the latest one neglects it. In technical terms, excessive use of everything is wrong not only for physical health but also for the main functions of human brain therefore, to consider any drug like Marijuana harmful just by looking at one side cannot be justifies. In broader terms, danger of drug use largely depends on the drug and the environment in which it was used. Need of the hour is to realize the fact that there is drastic need of further research and study on positive effects of Marijuana not only on married couples but also for people related to other fields of life.


Good Morning Ganja: Weed Breakfast Recipes

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We also know that cannabis has proven to have multiple benefits and is loved by many around the world. So we thought we’d combine the two to make the whole experience of a cannabis high even better. If you’re a wake and bake person, these recipes are especially for you.

Weed French Toast


1 French baguette
1 ½ tbsp. butter
3 tbsp. canna butter
4 eggs
1 cup milk
¼ cup sugar
3 tbsp. maple syrup
1 tsp. vanilla extract
½ tsp. salt
powdered sugar


  1. Lightly butter the baking dish. Cut the baguette crosswise at an angle to make 8 pieces. Each slice should be at least ¾ inches thick. Keep aside. In a small bowl cream the two kinds of butter till they are thoroughly combined. Now spread this butter on one side of each of the 8 slices. Now arrange these 8 slices, butter side up, into the greased baking dish.
  2. In a separate mixing bowl add the eggs, milk, and maple syrup, sugar, vanilla, and salt. Whisk the ingredients till they blend. Pour this mixture over the bread and allow the slices to soak it up by pressing it down on it with a spoon. Cover the dish and refrigerate for 8 hours.
  3. When you wish to have your Baked Marijuana French Toast, preheat the oven to 350°F. Once heated uncover the dish and place the baking tray in the oven and bake for 45 minutes or until the tops turn golden brown. Dust them with powdered sugar and enjoy the power. The potent baked marijuana toast is a great way to begin a morning as it gives you just the right fillip.

Weed Waffles


½ gram BHO Shatter
2 tablespoons coconut oil
½ lb. of bacon
2 eggs
½ cup grated cheese
One cup pancake waffle mix of your choice
¾ cup milk


  1. Place the double boiler on the heat with water below and coconut oil on top. Melt coconut oil in a double boiler till it melts completely. Now add BHO concentrate till it is completely incorporated into the oil. This will ensure that the marijuana is carboxylated to make it effective. Remove from the heat and place in a mixing bowl till cool.
  2. Fry the bacon till it is nice and crispy. Cool and chop into bits. Keep aside. Mix two eggs into the mixing bowl that has the coconut oil and BHO. Whisk lightly, pour in the milk and whisk again till all the ingredients are incorporated. Add the one cup of pancake and waffle mix and whisk thoroughly. Once mixed well add cheese and the bacon bits and again mix till fully incorporated.
  3. Heat the waffle iron to medium high heat. Measure out half a cup of the mix and place in the heated waffle iron. Smoothen quickly and close the cover. Remove when browned. You will know it’s done once the steam comes out the sides and the cheese begins to trickle out. Make sure you remove it only when it is browned to ensure the marijuana is decarboxylated so you get the kick. This mixture will make four waffles if you use half a cup at a time.

Cannabis Egg Omelet


2 medium sized eggs
1/2cup cannabutter
Diced ham / diced turkey / diced bacon
Grated cheese
Seasoning (optional)


  1. Preheat stove at a high/medium level.
  2. Grease a frying pan with bud butter / cannabutter and place on the element and wait till hot.
  3. Stir eggs in a bowl until you cannot see the difference between the egg white and the yolk.
  4. Pour eggs into the hot fry pan. The eggs should cover the pans surface when poured, if not move the eggs around until they do.
  5. When the eggs have solidified on the bottom (enough to flip without breaking), place the fillings in the center of the eggs. Flip one-half of the omelet over to cover the fillings.
  6. Cook until fillings are cooked thoroughly. The inside on the omelet should reach the temperature of 165 DEGREES F.
  7. Place your omelet onto a plate, add any additional condiments, and enjoy the high.

Combine your love for food and cannabis with these easy to make recipes. You won’t be disappointed.


Do Some Localities Still Have Severe Marijuana Penalties?

Marijuana has always been a popular substance worldwide – so popular that most countries eventually established laws against its use. In America, the use of marijuana has been illegal under federal law for many years; the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 labeled marijuana as an abusive drug without medical use. The use, possession, and cultivation of this plant are all punishable with penalties including, but not limited to, fines and imprisonment. Offenders can be charged with either felonies or misdemeanors.

Over time, more and more people have recognized the medical benefits of marijuana use. At first, marijuana could only be used in America for FDA-approved research programs. Over time, though, pressure for legalization of medical cannabis use and sale grew so large that a number of states passed laws to allow for a carefully controlled medical marijuana industry to develop. In a few states, recreational use has been legalized as well.

However, nearly half of all states still have no laws allowing the use or sale of cannabis in any form for personal use – and in those states, localities are free to institute their own penalties. Some are quite severe, with imprisonment for simple possession still a very common penalty in strict states. Additionally, federal law still bans the use or sale of cannabis, making for a very tricky legal landscape.

Which States Consider Marijuana Use Legal?

Alaska, California, Colorado, Oregon, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada and Washington allow the use, sale, and possession of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. More than 20 other states have legalized cannabis (to some degree) for medicinal purposes. The District of Columbia allows the use of marijuana but not the sale of the drug and Native American reservations are exempted from the marijuana restriction due to cultural reasons. In those states, there are no local penalties as long as the restrictions contained in state laws are obeyed.

A number of other states are due to consider full legalization in the next few years, and in those states the tricky situation of recreational users “skirting” the law with questionable medical prescriptions will be resolved. Until then, however, it’s always possible that a person without a valid medical reason to use marijuana could be subject to local penalties.


Cannabis till now in Canada

As medical marijuana is becoming legalized globally, Canadians are always pondering over the question whether it is legal in Canada or not. Surprisingly Canada happens to be the first nation to legalize marijuana and that too in 2001 after the prohibition of medical marijuana was declared unconstitutional.

Canada and Cannabis – Past:

The actual regulation which made it possible for patients to medical marijuana in Canada was called the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) and was passed in 2001.

According to this regulation, patients were allowed the possession of flower or bud of marijuana with a Government issued license and the physician signed application. A single government supplier could sell a single strain to the patient but patients could grow their own plants or designate a grower for supply of medicine with an optional license.

This helped the patients in getting different strains whose properties could be matched with the conditions of the patient. The regulation was restricted to two categories of patients which covered the most severe conditions and excluded the common but devastating symptoms. As the process of application was lengthy and complicated, MMAR came to a close in March 2014 as the number of patients peaked at 38,000.

Canada and Cannabis – Present:

The act of MMAR was replaced by Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) sanctioned on 1st April, 2014.  This current program enables the patients to possess dried marijuana flower or bud with a prescription that is issued by a practicing Canadian physician. This does not require any government issued license to be kept with you. Over a number of 30 Health Canada approved have the medicine available who are licensed producers (L.P) as well. Concentrates and edibles are considered illegal for sale to medical marijuana patients. Recently cannabis oil has been approved for sale by the authorized L.Ps.

As of 24th of August 2016, the MMPR has been replaced with Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation (ACMPR).

 This law includes the legislation which is found satisfactory according to the latest decision of the Supreme Court to permit the patients who have a prescription from a doctor, to grow their own marijuana for treatment.  Patients could grow it themselves or authorize someone else to grow it for them. The maximum limit is of 5 outdoor plants or 2 indoor plants but the number of the plants to be kept is determined according to the prescribed amount by the doctor. Patients are required to be registered with Health Canada so that they can obtained a license for growing their own medicine.

Canada and Cannabis – Future:

The legalization and regulation of marijuana for recreational purpose has been officially recommended by the current Canadian government. A legislation that is being enacted will enable marijuana to be sold in the same way alcohol is sold through different Provincial Liquor Control Boards retail outlets. Large pharmaceutical retailers are already applying for licenses so that they can sell medical marijuana along with other medicines too.

Canada and Cannabis – Dispensaries:

The dispensaries happen to be operating in an unclear way within a grey area within the law. Under the current regulation dispensaries happen to operate illegally as only the licensed producers are permitted to sell marijuana and to patients. At the same time, whenever a dispensary is brought to court for a trial, they fail to convince the jury and thus leave the dispensaries to function with no actual risk of conviction for their illegal activity.

Regulated product from licensed producers is not sold at dispensaries. Patients who opt to purchase medicine from dispensary do so at the risk of possible impurity from pests, fertilizers, pesticides, pathogens and heavy metals.


Cannabis Legalized in Turkey

According to the laws of Turkey, smoking cigarettes was not even tolerated, let alone marijuana, and especially in public areas. However, all of these things were kept low profile as it was strictly prohibited, and thus, once you kept it discreetly, no one would bother about your addiction. The smokers used to bribe the cops so as to enjoy any such activities.

Therefore, everything was seen to be okay until you kept it discreet; otherwise, a heavy fine was induced on the individual. The average prices of these drugs were excessive as the people had no other options than to purchase these items from the black market, and thus, the common price of 25 grams of marijuana in Turkey was about 80 US dollars.

History of Illegal Cannabis in Turkey:

Turkey has had a harsh charge on drugs since the beginning of time probably, mostly because it is trafficked into Europe and PKK was supposedly involved in the production of a few of the narcotics. The restricted policies in Turkey are the major cause for the minimum user-base of drugs. However, it was a bit easy to find drugs in Istanbul than in the rest of the country. The user-base of illegal drugs in the country was always relatively small but it was growing with the passage of time. Due to these factors, the cannabis, or marijuana, found in some of the parts of the country, was always low in terms of quality.

The harsh penalties surrounding the use of cannabis were the reason why the black market was charging heavily to sell these drugs. Even though the cultural aspects of Turkey are not considered to be conservative, but when it comes to the use of cannabis and other drugs, they are leftist. It was not just about the consumption, as the residents of the country were also strictly prohibited from selling, growing, receiving, or buying cannabis anywhere in the country. Furthermore, the cannabis bought in Turkey was not considered safe, especially for the foreigners.

Legalization of Cannabis:

After years of contradiction, Turkey has taken a huge step to legalize the production of cannabis in around 19 provinces of the country. The main objective of the government is to control the production of cannabis and by legalizing it; they can crack down on the illegal production. Plus, this way they can control the drug from getting into the hands of the younger generation. These new regulations are imposed by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock, and it was basically published all over the news in late September 2016.

Since the production of cannabis is going to be controlled by the Turkish government, the potential cannabis growers would have to obtain legal permission from the government of Turkey in order to grow a plant for a period of three years. The growers would have to face the legal consequences if they do not adhere to the new laws and would be subjected to pay a heavy fine. However, one must keep in mind that the production is only legalized for medical and scientific purposes and that too, in around 19 provinces only. The production and growth of cannabis is allowed to be produced in the provinces of Amasya, Antalya, Bartın, Burdur, Çorum, İzmir, Kütahya, Ordu, Kastamonu, Zonguldak, Kayseri, Malatya, Rize, Samsun, Sinop, Tokat, Uşak, Yozgat, and Karabük.

The purpose and the law for the production of cannabis remains the same for every province, and the farmers should remember that their warranty is only valid for a period of three years, and after that, they have to apply for a new permission. The permission would mainly be granted to the people who have to execute research projects on cannabis. In addition to that, the farmers must also remember that they are prohibited from selling any form of the cannabis plant as a psychoactive drug. Plus, they are also required to present the ministry with a valid reason and a written contract, which states that they are not involved in any illegal activity regarding cannabis, or illegal cannabis production, or any sort of drug-trafficking.

According to the strict rules and regulations of the Turkish government, the growers must know that they would be required to dispose of all of the parts of the plant after the harvest period of over, and once their warranty ends, in order to prevent the drug from being sold out as a psychoactive drug.


Countries Where Cannabis is Legal

It was only a matter of time when the people who were against the legalization of cannabis are now in favor of its legalization. The major cause of this abrupt change is the incredible voice of science, which is responsible for uncovering the beneficial effects of this drug.

The use of marijuana in the medical field is the main reason why most of the countries have legalized the use of this drug. Therefore, here are a few of the countries which have legalized the use of cannabis:

1.     United States of America:

Most of the states in the United States of America have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes, whereas, only a few have fully legalized it. Legalizing this drug can produce noticeable results for the people of the country, in the forms of economic advancements and social relief. However, 23 states of the United States of America have legalized the use of marijuana for medical reasons and for recreational reasons as well.

On the other hand, in some states, i.e. Alaska, Washington, and in Colorado, cannabis is available for the people over 21 years of age. In addition to that, the medical use of this drug is not under the federal drug law yet, which is why it is not legally prescribed by any state. Under certain conditions, the doctors do recommend the use of this drug with a prescribed amount of dosage, which depends on the condition and illness of the patient. Ohio, North Carolina, Mississippi, Missouri, and Nebraska do not put the cannabis smokers behind bars, even though it is considered illegal in these states.

2.     Netherlands:

The use of drugs in the Netherlands basically has some major objectives, which leads the country to the use of this drug in a controlled manner. Netherlands simply does not allow its citizens to consume marijuana for recreational usage; in fact, cannabis is still illegal if it is to be consumed as a recreation. In contrast to that, marijuana plays a vital role in tourism of Amsterdam, but it does not mean that the youth are allowed to consume it.

Apart from that, the public of Netherlands supports the wider and progressive reforms of marijuana usage, which includes a legal system of regulating marijuana, and thus, certain measures, are being taken by numerous municipalities to establish better modes of production and supply of this drug. Therefore, 14 percent of the cannabis users say that they can avail this drug from the usual cannabis sources in Netherlands. It is one of the reasons why the use of marijuana has risen since 1976.

3.     Colombia:

The Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, was the person who passed a legislation according to which marijuana was considered legal for medical usage. The main objective of Colombia’s law is that the country wants the patients to have access to various medications, which can serve for the safety of the patients. Other than that, medications made in Colombia are safe, accessible, and are produced in high-quality for the advantage of the patients. It is quite an intimidating step to legalize a drug in the whole country, as it is a controversial step.

Even with the legalization of marijuana in the country, the Colombians did not face any sort of collapse in the economy, or wild outbreaks in the societies, not even any sort of wild crimes conducted by the marijuana smokers. Apart from that, Colombia has produced multiple products using this drug, for instance, a mouth spray for the cure of muscle contractions. These are one of the reasons why the Colombian market has the potential to become one of the world’s top cannabis suppliers.

4.     Uruguay:

Uruguay basically legalized marijuana in its entirety to ensure tighter regulation of the drug, in 2013. According to the law of Uruguay, the citizens are allowed to grow their share of marijuana at home provided that they have to pass it through the government before selling it. Moreover, the consumers have to be registered with the Ministry of Health of Uruguay to ensure the health conditions of the consumers.

However, the country is still waiting for marijuana to be available in the pharmacies, so that they have ultimate access to it. The legalization of this drug caused a downfall of prices in the illegal market, and now, people don’t purchase it from the black market anymore.

Other than that, by legalizing this drug, the government can control the consumption of this drug among the teenagers.